Who we are

Women in Energy, Climate and Sustainability (WECS) is a public foundation established to promote gender equality as an enabler of the transition towards a climate neutral economy in Europe and worldwide.

WECS objective is to facilitate gender diversity and women empowerment in the fields of energy, climate and sustainability.

WECS serves as an enabler for projects and partnerships designed to achieve the objectives of the foundation, which are closely aligned with and supportive of a number of relevant international initiatives, including: 

  • The Paris Agreement
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, Goal 5: Gender Equality and Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy; Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal 13: Climate Action
  • EU strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy by 2050
  • European Green Deal
  • European Gender Strategy.
We believe that the transition to a climate neutral economy at European and at global level goes hand in hand with strengthening inclusion and equality in the field of energy and climate.

How we make a difference

Our mission is to facilitate the global transition to climate neutrality and green growth, by fostering gender equality, and women leadership and unlocking a diverse talent pool in the energy, climate and sustainability ecosystem.

Facilitating knowledge and good practice exchange between industries, policymakers, and academia on integrating gender equality and women empowerment agenda into clean energy initiatives

Capacity building (i.e. facilitating gender diversity and women empowerment in the fields of energy, climate and sustainability by offering educational and training programmes)

Providing independent advice/guidance on:

  • integrating sustainability criteria and good practices enabling gender equality into policy and business strategies
  • harnessing disruptive technologies and solutions offered by the fourth industrial revolution and new approaches to fostering gender equality and innovation through collaborations between diverse stakeholders

Raising awareness on the role of gender equality in achieving the energy transition; and executing communication campaigns

Connecting relevant stakeholders and providing a platform for synergies between industries, policymakers, academia and citizens around the world

Promoting environmentally sustainable and socially responsible production and consumption of goods and services

Our vision for Europe is that of a global leader in fighting climate change, and a global champion in unlocking female talent and leadership potential in the energy, climate and sustainability ecosystem.



A digital hub for knowledge and good practice exchange in the industry, showcasing examples of corporate projects/ programmes/ policies designed to promote gender equality and women leadership in the sector.


A user-friendly online database of women energy professionals which:

1. Allows women professionals to register their profiles and amend them, indicating their areas of expertise

2.Offers conference organisers/HR specialists a one-stop-shop platform with industry experts’ profiles categorised by theirs respective fields of expertise


1. Mentorship programmes

2. Education & professional development workshops


Developing industry standards in HR policies and practices (i.e. corporate culture and code of conduct)


A map bringing together networking platforms/initiatives across the EU capitals and worldwide


Building synergies between the European Gender Strategy and the European Green Deal could be a stepping stone for improving gender equality in the field of energy and climate across Europe.

Policymakers, the private sector and academia would have to be mobilised towards this common goal through platforms for dialogue and best practice development and exchange.